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Upper Body (Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back and Lower Back) Complete Back pain Massage Guidance

Strain at the erector spinae, also termed as the large lower back muscle. Injury/ies on the joints, ligaments and bones. Injury at the intervertebral disc. There are cases however that the lower back pain is felt and suffered from yet there are no known anatomical cause or causes to relate the pain with. 

These trigger points include erector spinae, infraspinatus, latissimus dorsi and multifidi, rhomboids, serratus posterior inferior, serratus posterior superior, subscapularis, and trapezius. That long list of Latin terms may have complicated things for you but it will get even more complicated when the actual location of pain is displaced in the upper back and especially in the middle back. 

Nobody escapes from this reality, it seems that back pain is a normal part of any stage of life. It will most likely appear during old age but there are people who have been suffering over the pain since time immemorial. In America alone, back pain is reputed to be the leading cause of disability among individuals aged 45 and above. 

Once muscle strength is increased, weight may be better distributed and less force will burden the spine. Narcotic Pain Medications Narcotic medications may be both addictive and dangerous but they are rather effective against pain. It is important that the person using narcotic pain medications is under strict supervision. 

Although the effects of using hot and cold compresses are not yet scientifically established, they are known to allow back pain relief for many cases and may even result to reduced inflammation and pain. The physician may also require the patient of bed rest for back pain relief. However, this must only last for around two days to prevent the unnecessary lost of muscle strength. 

However, on some special instances these may also be used as treatments for chronic pains. Opiods Because of their addictive nature, Opiods are rarely used as treatment for back pain but if so, only for the most severe cases that needs immediate, quick pain relief. These medications are generally not prescribed and many physicians refute that they may do more harm than good.